Receiveds Folder TXT Not Sharing info to RaspiSMS?

I setup everything! Gammu SMS (because there was nothing told that smsd mysql table should be created with additional lines not only RunOnReceive and that was a challenge - but sorted probably!
Cron works, received sms saves in receiveds folder - but nothing is displaying in RaspiSMS dashboard, it’s sooo close, but where should I look for? apache doesn’t shows errors

P.S. tried to write in console: cron cd / var / www / RaspiSMS && /var/www/RaspiSMS/console.php -c parseReceivedSMS

Receive: cron: can’t lock /var/run/, otherpid may be 338, Resource temporary unavailable.
Maybe issue here?

Where to look?

please help anyone? both databases raspisms and smsd working.

honestly I don’t get this part, maybe this is missing point for connecting SMSD and RASPISMS databases?

i created SCRIPTS folder with? TEST.SH and sending test message with SMS, like [][][password:asdasda]

what else?