Introducing Silent Angel VitOS for RPi4

Silent Angel VitOS for RPI4 is an operating system supports Roon Bridge.

VitOS is a customized Linux based operating system designed for music player. Optimizations in the kernel and system are done by Silent Angel engineers and make it possible to enhance the performance of network I/O, USB I/O, task manager, …, and so on. As a result, running Roon Bridge and other music player application on VitOS has better sound quality than other OS.

To use VitOS on your Raspberry Pi 4, just download the image file and write to the micro SD card with dd or other applications. Then plug in the micro SD card to your Raspberry Pi4. You can use iOS app and Android app named « VitOS Manager » to manage the VitOS.

VitOS V1.0 supports USB DAC as audio output device. You can connect your USB DAC to the USB port on your RPi4 board.
With VitOS Manager, you are able to install Roon Bridge to the VitOS. Then you can discover the RPi4 board with Roon apps and play music to the DAC.

• VitOS for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
• Install Roon Bridge with VitOS Manager
• Support USB DAC as audio output device

VitOS for RPi4 is free now !

Check it out with below link: