Cups refuses to let me set up printers in the x86 release of Raspbian. Is there another way?

I just tried to run Raspbian x86 from a USB drive as replacement for a Kubuntu 16.04 setup on some old office PC we basically want to use for coding and Raspberry Pi related projects. As I also use this machine to work with either Libre- or Softmaker Office, I’d love to set up the network printer we use to have in this office that’s working perfectly fine with Kubuntu also.

It’s a HP LaserJet 2430dtn if anyone’s interested. other than cups being installed I’m also in need of that HP drivers suite to make it work, right?

So far so good, however, when I try to access the dialog on the CUPS interface to add printers, all it does is asking for my account name and password. When pressing OK or ENTER the same dialog just pop up again, no dice.

Is this some sort of bug or am I just silly? KDE is super simple in that regard so I’d love to my hardware to work with Raspbian too if I decide to switch later on.

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